What is Multiplexer: Definition and 22 Discussions

In electronics, a multiplexer (or mux; spelled sometimes as multiplexor), also known as a data selector, is a device that selects between several analog or digital input signals and forwards the selected input to a single output line. The selection is directed by a separate set of digital inputs known as select lines. A multiplexer of



{\displaystyle 2^{n}}
inputs has


{\displaystyle n}
select lines, which are used to select which input line to send to the output.A multiplexer makes it possible for several input signals to share one device or resource, for example, one analog-to-digital converter or one communications transmission medium, instead of having one device per input signal. Multiplexers can also be used to implement Boolean functions of multiple variables.
Conversely, a demultiplexer (or demux) is a device taking a single input and selecting signals of the output of the compatible mux, which is connected to the single input, and a shared selection line. A multiplexer is often used with a complementary demultiplexer on the receiving end.An electronic multiplexer can be considered as a multiple-input, single-output switch, and a demultiplexer as a single-input, multiple-output switch. The schematic symbol for a multiplexer is an isosceles trapezoid with the longer parallel side containing the input pins and the short parallel side containing the output pin. The schematic on the right shows a 2-to-1 multiplexer on the left and an equivalent switch on the right. The


{\displaystyle sel}
wire connects the desired input to the output.

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  1. B

    Finding minterms from Multiplexer

    I(0)=0, so 0 and 1 are not minterms. I(1)=1, so 2 and 3 are minterms. I(2)=D, so 5 is a minterm but 4 is not a minterm. I(3) not sure I(4) not sure I(5) not sure I(6)=1⊕0=1, so 12 and 13 are also minterms. I(7)=1⊕1=0, so 14 and 15 are not minterms. I don't know how to deal with the rest of...
  2. S

    Design 12:1 2.0 USB Multiplexer | Matija

    Hi everyone, I've been trying to design a 12:1 2.0 USB multiplexer for a while, with very little success. I've bought a couple of MAX4999 8:1 multiplexers, trying to use two of them in parallel such as shown in the datasheet. I've put them on a breakout board from Adafruit, and started testing...
  3. A

    Problems building a 1 bit / 2 to 1 Multiplexer

    First let me just I'm a total newbie to electronics, but I would like to progressively learn how computers work by building the little components with the small parts, and then work up to the ICs once I understand how to make rudimentary versions. I'm trying to make a 1-bit multiplexer out of...
  4. A

    Multiplexer as a Position Sensor: How?

    Purpose: Create a position sensor using LEDs. Goal: Increase or decrease a pulse width in response to direction of movement. Chips Involved: 1) Clock. 2) 2x DM74150 (16×1 Multiplexers.) 3) 2x SN74193 (4-bit Binary Counters.) 4) 1x SN74LS112 (Negative Edge Master Slave JK Flip-Flop.) 5) 1x...
  5. B

    VHDL coding -- Design a component that uses a 4-to-1 multiplexer

    Homework Statement Design a component that uses a 4-to-1 multiplexer to choose between one of four different operations to get the result from. Each of the operations and the multiplexer should be behavioral design in their own modules / files to be used in the overall component design as...
  6. STEMucator

    Engineering Design a Multiplexer Circuit for A and B Outputs Based on C Input

    Homework Statement Design a multiplexer circuit given the data such that: When ##C = 0##, the output ##X = A##. When ##C = 1##, the output ##X = B##. The truth table is displayed below: Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution I wanted to make sure I understood this and I wasn't...
  7. K

    Designing priority encoder with 4-16 decoder and 8-1 MUX

    Homework Statement Design a 4 input priority encoder with a 4 to 16 decoder and a 8 to 1 multiplexer. Homework Equations Priority encoder is where when the highest priority bit is equal to a logical "1", then the rest of the lower priority input are ignored.The Attempt at a Solution For the...
  8. vead

    Building an 8-bit Processor: ALU, Decoder & Multiplexer

    If I want make 8 bit processor I think I need following think 1) ALU 2)control unit 1)ALU responsible for Arithmetic and logic Unit 2)control unit include with multiplexer and decoder circu main component for processor ALU 8 bit decoder multiplexer Q1 I have option for decoder decoder...
  9. S

    Design 2-to-1 Multiplexer Circuit from Truth Table for f

    Consider f = w1w2! + w1w3 + w1!w2 +w1!w3! Use the truth table to derive a circuit for f that uses a 2-to-1 multiplexer I have the truth table, that part is easy. The problem I'm having is what exactly are they EVALUATING to get the f? Like I said I have the truth table of 3 input, but I don't...
  10. S

    Digital Design - decoders and multiplexer help

    Homework Statement Let f(x3; x2; x1; x0) = (y1; y0) such that y1 = 1 if the number of 1's in x3x2x1x0 is even, 0 otherwise, and, output y0 = 1 if the number of 1's in x3x2x1x0 is odd, 0 otherwise. 1. Implement f with four 2-to-4 decoders. 2. Implement f with a 4-to-1 multiplexer with selection...
  11. B

    Analog multiplexer - resistor at input

    Hello PF! I've been quite busy on my faculty, doing my academic final work. Anyway I need somebodies expertise which involves analog multiplexers. I am using MPC506 Datasheet http://www.ti.com/lit/gpn/mpc506 I tested it and gives nice result at 5 MHz sine wave, which is more than good for...
  12. A

    How to Convert a 2:1 MUX into a 4:1 MUX?

    Can anyone help me with this question? I got the equation of the 2to 1 MUX. I got F = A'B' + AC. But the problem is I am not sure how to convert this into 4:1 MUX. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks
  13. L

    Digital circuits 2-input multiplexer implemented into an and gate

    How do you implement different gates by using a two-input multiplexer? What are the inputs supposed to be? How do you implement an AND gate, for example? An OR?
  14. D

    How does a digital multiplexer work in communication systems?

    Hi, I have a question regarding digital multiplexers. In communication systems, when we use mux, we can combine a lot of low bandwidth channels and transmit as a high bandwidth channel and then use a demux at the receiving end to split it back to the low bandwidth channels. I saw the...
  15. M

    Building a 128-to-1 Multiplexer with 8-to-1s and 2-to-1s

    Hi, new to the forums here. I'm looking for some help with multiplexers. I've created a 128-to-1 multiplexer with 8-to-1 multiplexers and one 2-to-1. Basically I have 16 8 to 1 in the first batch, 2 8 to 1 in the second and then a 2 to 1 to combine the last two. I'm assuming that's correct...
  16. B

    Building an AND and NOT Gate with a 2X1 Multiplexer

    Homework Statement Hi, How to build a AND gate using a 2X1(2 inputs, 1 select,1 output) multiplexer? The same for a NOT gate? I am stuck on it! thank you Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution Sorry I tried but I am confuse about what are consired as input if we decide...
  17. F

    Engineering Multiplexer Voting Circuit - 74LS151

    Homework Statement LOGIC DESIGN USING MSI COMPONENTS A small corporation has 10 shares of stock, and each share entitles its owner to one vote at a stockholder’s meeting. The 10 shares of stock are owned by four people as follows: Mr.W; 1 share, Mr. X; 2 shares, Mr. Y; 3 shares, Mrs...
  18. V

    Understanding the Relationship Between Select and Data Inputs in Multiplexers

    I cannot seem to understand how in the attached diagram, they went from the 4-1 multiplexer to the 2-1 multiplexer. The main part is the modified truth table. I can't understand what is going on for the life of me! If someone could please explain this, it would be much apprecieated. Thanks!
  19. E

    ABEL Designing a 4-to-1 Multiplexer

    I have this ABEL file but can't figure out where 0, 1, 2, 3 come from in "when-then" statements... "The following ABEL code demonstrates how to implement a combinatorial multiplexer. " 4 to 1 multiplexer design SEL0..SEL1 pin; A,B,C,D pin; MUX_OUT pin istype 'com'; SEL = [SEL1,SEL0]...
  20. M

    2-1 multiplexer using only nands and nots

    I need to make a 2-1 mux using only NANDS and inverters. I thought it would look like a simple nand gate with another inverter attached at the end (basically a AND gate). However, that didnt work. I need it so when the selection input is a zero it selects whatever X0 is and when the selection...
  21. D

    Design 4-16 Decoder & Full Subtractor Systematically

    Is there a systematic ways of expressing a boolean equation such as "ab+a'c" using multiplexer? Eyeballing and trial and error do not seem to work . What about decoder? Will k-map help? I have to design a 4 to 16 decoder using 2 to 4 decoder with some gates. I also have to design a full...