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Quantum Field Theory Online Courses?

  1. Sep 20, 2015 #1
    I wanting to do an introductory Quantum Field theory course in my spare time. And although there are a couple available, they are not very beneficial without solutions to the problem sets.
    I am also looking at the course on the MIT open courseware website: "8.323: Relativistic Quantum Field Theory I".
    Like the David Tong lectures this has lecture notes and problem sets, but no solutions.

    If anyone knows how to obtain the solutions that would be great, or alternatively if there is another course somewhere online that has solutions.

    Also, if anyone else wants to embark on a Quantum Field Theory course we could all work through a course and discuss the problems together?
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    There are several courses online with solutions. Eduardo fradkin the homework and his notes on his website. The notes for the Harvard QFT course (which is pretty much a draft of the textbook) are online.
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