What is Probes: Definition and 44 Discussions

A space probe, or simply probe, is a robotic spacecraft that doesn't orbit the Earth, but instead explores farther into outer space. A space probe may approach the Moon; travel through interplanetary space; flyby, orbit, or land or fly on other planetary bodies; or enter interstellar space.
The space agencies of the USSR (now Russia, Ukraine and others), the United States, the European Union, Japan, China, India, and Israel have collectively launched probes to several planets and moons of the Solar System, as well as to a number of asteroids and comets. Approximately 15 missions are currently operational.

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  1. I

    Help with Tektronix differential probes

    I think my probes may not be working correctly and was seeking advice from those who know better than me. I have the Tektronics p5205 differential probes with the 1103 power supply. When I power up a test device I see a voltage waveform appear on the channel connected to the probe. The probe is...
  2. F

    A Coefficient correlation between 2 cosmological probes

    Hello, I have the demonstration below. A population represents the spectroscopic proble and B the photometric probe. I would like to know if, from the equation (13), the correlation coeffcient is closed to 0 or to 1 since I don't know if ##\mathcal{N}_{\ell}^{A}## Poisson noise of spectroscopic...
  3. D

    B Communication Options With Future Deep Space Probes?

    I was wondering if humans send spacecraft far enough into space in the future (for example Alpha Centauri or other star systems further away), is there any particular distance where it might make more sense to communicate between star systems by making a star blink with some sort of shutter...
  4. Aymangh994

    I Using simple lenses to image AFM Probes

    Hello, Using a CCD camera and simple lenses, the probe of the cantilever and its surroundings are to be imaged. Since the cantilever is 50 um wide and some of the surroundings are to be imaged, the optimal image magnification is from 4 to 8. I therefore used a convex lens with a focal length of...
  5. F

    A Combining 2 probes in order to increase Figure of Merit

    This post is slightly different from a previous post sent to mathematical forum : this is because I talk about here the MATLAB function "eig" with 2 arguments but this concerns actually the combination between 2 biased tracers in Cosmology context. I am looking for a common basis of...
  6. F

    A Cross correlations with 2 probes: Approximation of a 2D + 3D synthesis

    I am interested, in the context of my work, in the cross correlations between a spectroscopic probe (which gives a 3D distribution of galaxies with redshifts, which is also called spectroscopic Galaxy clustering, GCsp) and a photometric probe (which gives an angular distribution, that is to say...
  7. E

    I Time Dilation Probes: Exploring the Possibilities

    Firstly, I am a Mechanical engineer working in the aerospace industry and I know very little compared to the collective community here and my formal education had to do with practical and basic stuff, so apologies if I’m overlooking a basic principle or something. my idea: what if we launched a...
  8. nmsurobert

    I Nuclear batteries on space probes

    I've been reading about this a bit and stumbled across something that said its desirable that the heat source not be something that emits a lot of gamma radiation. Other than hazards to a technician, does this have any effect on the device its being used on? Why would it require extra shielding...
  9. Z

    I How far out are the probes that were sent out

    I haven't seen any posts about it but I am curious to know how far are the probes from Earth... Voyager 1 Voyager 2 Pioneer 10 Pioneer 11 Do they have any chance of colliding with an object?
  10. fsonnichsen

    Reference Probes in pH and other electrochemical measurements

    I am amused by how skillfully most of the texts I have avoid discussing reference electrodes in electro-chemical measurement-They simply start out by discussing the H2 and Calomel electrodes with no further explanation. Both have certain hazards and seem overly complicated. So--why are these...
  11. M

    Loop Antennas vs. B-Probes: Similarities and Differences

    Hi the difference between a loop antenna and a magnetic probe (B-Probe) is only that the loop antenna works in far field and B-Probe works in near field? The standard features of magnetic antenna (antenna factor, impedance matching, radiation patterns, efficiency, ecc) have the same definition...
  12. 3301

    Can You Measure Electricity Without Probes?

    So yeah... Is there a way of doing " measuring " electricity and not using probes? Laser perked?
  13. thankz

    Need a source for industrial quality water monitor probes

    industrial quality, water proof with corrosion resistant connectors. something a public aquarium would use. it doesn't matter if their capacitance, resistive or voltage sensing. maybe I should have posted this in the chemistry forum but it doesn't really mater I guess.
  14. M

    QC of Well Counters and Uptake Probes?

    Which part should i refer to tecdoc 602 when it comes to the QC of uptake probes and well counters?
  15. D

    Telescope probes and warp track

    1st tope, in my sci-fi universe let's say there is a warp drive that can power a ship that can travel 10*c. One of the first things I have people doing is coming up what is called "The Big Picture Project" which is installing this drive onto probes and sending them out unmanned and have it so...
  16. 1

    Instruments to measure plasmas besides Langmuir probes?

    If a plasma is created at one end of a solenoid and heads down towards a target with a density and temperature too high for Langmuir probes, what other instruments can measure the density with a strong signal that is easy to interpret?
  17. D

    Testing and Troubleshooting Capacitive Sensor Probes

    I am working on a system that uses capacitance sensor probes, the system components are the probe, triaxial cable with LEMO connectors, BNC cable, oscillator, and a demodulator. I have had some trouble finding ways to troubleshoot the system other then basically testing continuity. Are there any...
  18. F

    Could Ballistic Space Probes Revolutionize Space Exploration?

    Hi. I am writing a scifi story that involves some (i hope) realistic science. The conceit is to show, in the near future, some use of cheap "ballistic" probes of the inner system and eventually TNS and heliopause. They would be small objects launched in large numbers, designed to gather very...
  19. T

    Wireless Alternatives to LVDT probes?

    Hello there, I am currently using LDVT probes to measure linear displacement (goes without saying, but I said it anyway). The problem with this is that the wire for the probe is very cumbersome and requires extra machining to external parts in order to accommodate the wire without disruption...
  20. R

    Does it matter where oscilloscope probes are made?

    I'm looking at purchasing some oscilloscope probes off amazon but it says that they're made in China. I know that all our electronics are from there, but it does it matter with probes? Are they all from there mostly? Anyone know where I can get good quality probes from? Or should the ones...
  21. E

    What degree do I need to work with space probes?

    How do people get into jobs working with developing and constructing things of the likes of Curiosity and New Horizons? I know they have different functions but I'm really interested in being involved in working with space probes. I want to do Physics at university, but would mechanical...
  22. A

    Propulsion system used in Space probes?

    What is the power source for space probes and how it is sustained for long flights in space? Also how do space probes reach phenomenal speeds (Helios attained 252,792 km/h !)
  23. N

    NASA NASA probes approaching the moon

    1/2/2012 One new NASA spacecraft is orbiting the moon, another aproaching, to study moon structure via its gravity. 2nd NASA probe en route to moon on New Year’s Day http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2011/dec/31/nasa- spacecraft -reaches-moons-orbit/
  24. W

    Why can an oscilloscope have the probes changed in position and have a

    Why can an oscilloscope have the probes changed in position and have a dc current reading but not for an ac current? I put the oscilloscope leads with the probe at D and the ground side at A, and there was no waveform, why is this?
  25. Simfish

    How quickly did American researchers get data from Soviet probes like Venera?

    Did the Soviets have an incentive to keep the data secret?
  26. S

    Can we interchange four probes terminals?

    Will there be any problem if we interchange the terminals of the four probe?
  27. A

    Voyager probes and time dilation

    The Voyager probes are traveling at non-relativistic speeds, at the edge of the solar system where the gravitational field is about 0 so we could consider them a rest frame. If so, from my calculations using the formula for time dilation: \tau(t) = \frac{c}{g} \operatorname {arsinh} \left(...
  28. B

    Light Speed and Voyager Space Probes: A Reflection

    I just want to make sure I understand this clearly. Light travels at 186 000 miles/second right? So if something was 10 light years away would that mean that it would take 10 years going at the speed of light to get there? Wouldnt it be possible to make a probe go even half that speed? I don't...
  29. L

    Farfield Probes Problems on CST MWS

    Hi everybody! I have some troubles with the farfield probes of the software CST MWS. I am designing a loop antenna and I want to measure with farfield probes the V/m at a certain distance from the loop (obviously in far - field region). After positioning the probes, I have obtained a certain...
  30. M

    Observing Magnetic Field Reversal with Hall Probes

    I place Hall probe b/w two electromagnets and a +ve reading of magnitude of magnetic field is observed , but when i rotate the hall probe , -ve reading is observed on gauss meter . What is happening ?? Also recommend books from where I can study about magneto resistance ,
  31. C

    Avg. Num. Probes to Insert in Hash Table w/ Random Collision Res. Strat.

    Hi, I'm reading Data Structures and Algorithm Analysis in Java (Second Edition) and I'm on page 178, if anyone owns the book. I know It's a computer science book and this is a math subforum, but the question is largely a mathematical one involving probability. You just need to understand what a...
  32. F

    Help with magnetism- hall probes- difference between 3 types -

    Help with magnetism- hall probes- difference between 3 types -URGENT Given 3 uncalibrated hall probes A, B, C, a solenoid of a known number of turns and length and a long straight wire. I have to discover which of 3 probes is a metal, a p-type semiconductor, and an n-type semiconductor.The...
  33. F

    Can a continuously running GC be used for space exploration?

    I'm intreaged by our history of space exploration. On Pioner Venus2, four sacrificial probes were sent through the Venusian atmosphere while they quickly streamed back their data to the orbitor. They were destroyed when impacting the surface. One of the devices on the probes was a gas...
  34. J

    What Innovations Are Shaping the Future of Space Probes?

    Hi, my name is Giancarlo from Turin, Italy. I am 30, and I am an Aerospace engineer. I am working on a my own project for a new kind of space probe. Some years ago, while I was surfing in the web, I’ve found something about future of space exploration. I’ve read about solar sails, inflatable...
  35. Ivan Seeking

    Environment Dept. probes strange precipitation

  36. W

    Foil Helmets Can't Foil Government Mind Probes

  37. V

    The solar systems and space probes

    OK the title is a bit practical, I've made the question somewhat more theoretical (technical, whatever), in particular: One is given three bodies: two relatievly massive (for example the Sun and a massive planet like Jupiter) and one relatievly small (for example a satellite) - meaning that its...
  38. G

    Exploring Beyond Our Solar System: The Potential for Self-Replicating Probes

    Do you guys consider this a possibility? or maybe even probability that we will eventually send out self-replicating probes out into space?
  39. G

    Will We Ever Send Self-Replicating Probes into Space?

    Do you guys consider this a possibility? or maybe even probability that we will eventually send out self-replicating probes out into space?
  40. R

    Sending space probes to other planets

    Hi, How is a space probe planned to be fail-proof? And how is the trajectory calculated?Is it easy to do or requires huge calculations?
  41. C

    Understanding D-brane Probes: A Beginner's Guide to String Theory Concepts

    Stupid Question #2 for today: I started trying to read hep-th/0403247, QED and String Theory, last night but I really don't understand this concept of probe D-branes. When they say that they're taking a probe Dp-brane in the background of a D9-antiD9 brane system, is the Dp-brane part of the...
  42. J

    Explore Ideas: Learning & Discussing Space Probes & Gravity

    this is a great site for learning and discussing ideas... well i have two questions 1. Whats the objetive of the mission space probe b? was it launched yet? 2. Has been ever performed any experiment searching for the speed of gravity? (like fizeau's for light?)
  43. L

    Exploring Alternatives: Harnessing Jupiter's Radiation for Probe Power"

    As most of you will recall, there was considerable public outcry when the Cassini probe was launched with its nuclear power supply. However, no alternatives to nuclear decay were offered as a power source. The main thinking seemed to be that the probe should just go without the power it...
  44. M

    First Von Neumann Probe: When Will it be Sent?

    When you foretell that will be sent the first Von Neumann probe?