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Does it matter where oscilloscope probes are made?

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    I'm looking at purchasing some oscilloscope probes off amazon but it says that they're made in China. I know that all our electronics are from there, but it does it matter with probes? Are they all from there mostly?

    Anyone know where I can get good quality probes from? Or should the ones off amazon suffice?

    The probes in question are https://www.amazon.com/Oscilloscope...lh_di_t_dup?ie=UTF8&psc=1&smid=A3IZHOEADOGAP0.
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    Simon Bridge

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    It does matter but I don't think you can tell anything from the country of manufacture.
    How would you measure "good quality"?
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    Well based on a number of reviews and what people's experiences have been with it, whether it fulfills its features and expected operation.

    Does anyone know if all oscilloscope probes are from China? Otherwise I'd expect them to be expensive if from a Western country.
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    They'll be fine, were was your oscilloscope made? All of my test gear is Chinese and it all works perfectly,but beware the Chinglish manuals! lol..:tongue2:
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    jim hardy

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    I'd say they'll probably be fine.

    If you want the best go to Tektronix and be prepared to pay.

    I buy good quality industrial parts here, and they carry o'scope probes.

    I bought some very inexpensive probes here and was pleasantly surprised:

    i cant tell you a thing about the Amazon probes - try to find who made them and check mfr's site.
    Here's Digikeys' supplier: http://testproductsintl.com/
    and his 'scope probe page: http://testproductsintl.com/products/oscilloscopeProbes/TAW Differential Probes.pdf

    Enjoy your research !
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    A good way is to look at a square wave calibrating waveform (from the scope, possibly). And it's fairly easy to judge build quality by hooking it on an appropriate pin and see how reliably it stays on. But you have to have it in your hand to judge; they all come 'highly recommended', according to the ads!
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