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  1. T

    Stargazing New Radio Telescope is World's Largest

    World's largest radiotelescope just completed.
  2. Elbert Anstein

    B Pulsars and Neutron Stars debunked?

    Now kindly pardon my ignorance but I hope one of you can explain to me how this can be possible. A rotating neutron star or pulsar have been observed to spin at between 10 to 700 times per second. Now before I proceed further I like to draw your memories back to the merry go round we played as...
  3. N

    B Characteristic age of pulsars

    Hi everyone. I'm trying to derive the formula for the characteristic age of a pulsar. What i'm starting with is the following differential equation. dP/dt=K*P2-n What i think is odd, is several places they say solving this differential equation gives the following solution...
  4. J

    Period of radial oscillations

    Assuming a neutron star is a uniformly dense sphere of radius 10km and mass =1.4 mass of sun, derive the period of radial oscillations.First use hydrostatic equilibrium to calculate p, then the velocity of sound is $$v= \sqrt{ \gamma p / \rho}$$, so the period of pulsation is time it takes from...
  5. D

    Creation of spinning neutron stars and pulsars

    I've gotten a bit confused about the creation of the neutron star/pulsar, so I was hoping someone could point me in the right direction :) As fusion stops, when reaching the iron phase, the outer layers (hydrogen, helium, carbon... etc.) gets pulled in-wards do to gravity. This creates a bounce...