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  1. K

    Relative simultaneity

    Hello I'm having a lot of trouble understanding simultinaity and would appreciate any free book or article reccomendations.
  2. K

    I Relative simultaneity

    Imagine you are in the center of a ship moving at V to the right relative to earth. You have a flashlight in your hand and two perfect reflectors on each end of the ship. If you turn on the flashlight will you observe the reflected light from both ends to hit you simultaneously? What will...
  3. Alfredo Tifi

    I Einstein clock syncing with one way light emission absorber

    Two spaceships with their engines shut off and identical radio receiver-amplifier-reemitting devices are in the empty space, very far from each other and from any celestial body. The lag time from absorbing to reemitting in the device is vary small compared to the return time of the signal (2t)...
  4. J

    Classical mechanics: Jacobi variational principle

    An isolated mechanical system can be represented by a point in a high-dimensional configuration space. This point evolves along a line. The variational principle of Jacobi says that, among many imagined trajectories between two points, only the SHORTEST is real and is associated with situations...
  5. A

    I On the Relativistic Twisting of a rotating cylinder (Max von Laue)

    I'll start with link describing the phenomenon: Quote: "A...
  6. I

    I Velocity addition and relativity of simultaneity

    I have some issues understanding the following thought experiment: Suppose you are standing still, and two balls are moving towards you from opposite direction. From your own reference frame, Ball A is ##10^5## m away from you, moving towards you from the left with speed ##0.8c##, and Ball B is...
  7. S

    I Relativity of simultaneity, time dilation misunderstanding

    Hi everybody, I'm new on this forum so I apologize in advance if I don't respect some formalities (and sorry for my English). It is known that in the perspective of the stationary observer the events in the back and in the front of the moving spaceship are not simultaneous. If I understand well...
  8. W

    Relativity of Simultaneity and lightening

    Homework Statement You are standing at x = 9.0 km and your assistant is standing at x = 3.0 km. Lightning bolt 1 strikes at x = 0 and lighting Bolt #2 strikes at x = 12.0 km. You see the flash from Bolt #2 at t = 10 μs and the flash from Bolt #1 at t = 50 μs. According to your assistant, were...
  9. conquest

    I Theoretical problem with an empty seat going faster than light

    Hi everyone, Recently I randomly thought of a thought experiment of something going faster than light, along the lines of a shadow or some other "non-information carrying object". In this case it would be an empty seat. The idea is to take 800 million and one chairs of half a meter breadth...
  10. Approximation

    I Implications of Relative Simultaneity

    Let's say you have a planet rigged to explode only if two bowling balls hit respective sensors at the same time. An unfortunate observer, call him Carl, releases two bowling balls at the same time from his reference frame. Meanwhile, Shirley passes by at nearly the speed of light. From Shirley's...
  11. M

    I Is the relativity of simultaneity the reason for time dilation?

    A yes answer can cause conceptual problems. What is your opinion?