What is South pole: Definition and 22 Discussions

The South Pole, also known as the Geographic South Pole or Terrestrial South Pole, is one of the two points where Earth's axis of rotation intersects its surface. It is the southernmost point on the surface of Earth and lies on the opposite side of Earth from the North Pole.
Situated on the continent of Antarctica, it is the site of the United States Amundsen–Scott South Pole Station, which was established in 1956 and has been permanently staffed since that year. The Geographic South Pole is distinct from the South Magnetic Pole, the position of which is defined based on Earth's magnetic field. The South Pole is at the centre of the Southern Hemisphere.

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  1. P

    B Is the Direction of Magnetic Fields Truly Conventional?

    In many books, the direction of the magnetic field is mentioned as north to south. It says they have marked it because the north pole of the compass faces to south. But why can't we say the direction is the opposite of it as the south also attracts to north? When I browsed answers, most replies...
  2. @PK nd

    B IF north pole becomes the south pole....

    what would happen if north pole of Earth becomes south pole and south becomes north ? What would be the chenges on Earth's climate or any other changes ??
  3. Stephanus

    How did Scott find Amundsen's flag at the South Pole without GPS?

    Dear PF Forum, In January 1912, Scott reached South Pole and found Amundsen flag. So, in millions of km square white place, Scott reached the very spot that Amundsen posted his (Amundsen) flag. How was the method? Considering there were no GPS back then. Could Scott navigate very precisely? Or...
  4. LeoPedranjo

    Gravitational Field Variation of Disc Orbitating Earth

    Hey guys, take a look at this question if you may Suppose the moon, instead of a sphere, is a disc orbitating the Earth ( the moon's total mass is equal to the disc's total mass), the intern radius of the disc is equal to half the distnce between moon and Earth's center of mass and the external...
  5. P

    Sweeping over the south pole of Mars

    Sweeping over the south pole of Mars An unusual observation by Mars Express shows a sweeping view over the planet's south polar ice cap and across its ancient, cratered highlands. Continue reading...
  6. J

    Problem with magnets and poles

    I have several bar magnets with the north and south poles labeled on them. It is my understanding that a compass itself is a tiny magnet and the north (often the red part of the compass) end is itself a north polarity. This means that this end would point towards a south pole of a magnet. From...
  7. S

    Stargazing B mode detected by South Pole Telescope

    http://arxiv.org/abs/1307.5830 but its from gravitational lensing not primordial gravity waves so guess we are still waiting for those, but a good sign methinks.
  8. M

    Magnetic Flux and Induced EMF at South Pole

    Homework Statement The magnetic field strength at the South Pole is around 66μT, and magnetic field lines point out of the Earth perpendicular to the surface. The sled is a metal square of side 0.95 m (with non-conducting wooden slats in between). What is the magnetic flux through the sled...
  9. marcus

    Stargazing New cosmic model parameters from South Pole Telescope

    I just posted about the new parameters here: https://www.physicsforums.com/showthread.php?p=4152380#post4152380 Basically the new numbers look rather close to what Jorrie already put as the default in his calculator. zEQ looks familiar. Hubble rate 70 looks familiar :biggrin: Here's the...
  10. V

    Sunrise Direction in the South Pole

    In South Pole, In which direction will the sun rise?
  11. M

    S^2 union a line connecting the north and south pole

    I have been trying to determine the fundamental group of S^2 union a line connecting the north and south pole by using the Seifert Van Kampen Theorem. But every time I try and pick my two subsets U and V they are either not open or not arcwise connected or their intersection isn't particularly...
  12. N

    South Pole colder than the north pole. why ?

    South Pole colder than the north pole. why ? Hello .. I have a question .. Why the South Pole colder than the north pole ? (for the earth).
  13. K

    Soft landiing an asteroid at the south pole

    can a small nickel/iron asteroid brought near Earth (matching its solar orbital velocity) and soft landed at the south pole where Earth's rotation is not an issue?
  14. M

    Google earth image of the South pole?

    Hi , I wonder why the image of the south pole in google Earth is blurred ?
  15. B

    Calculating Apparent Weight Difference Between Equator and South Pole

    Hello all, just a few problems that I've worked through, just clarifying if I'm on the right track. Thank you in advance. 1.) The radius of the Earth is 6378.1 km and completes one revolution per day. Calculate the difference in apparent weight between a person of 65kg mass, standing on the...
  16. S

    Linear Speed at South Pole Antarctica

    What would be the linear speed of body in Antartica standing on a south pole.
  17. D

    Circular motion with respect to south pole

    Homework Statement The south pole of the circular motion is labeled "O" and it's the center of the xOy axes. The point leaves "O" to the right increasing it's positional vector(\bar{}r) dimension and the \alpha angle (the angle is between the positional vector and the Ox axis). The force that...
  18. G

    North pole and south pole of a magnet.

    Hi, I am wondering what determines where these are on a magnetic object. For instance, on a sphere, why should there be a north pole and south pole at points rather than others. To make myself clearer, I am not asking why the south and north are opposite each other, but what determines those...
  19. B

    North and south pole in an electromagnet

    Not sure if this should be in engineering or physics section. Sorry if I got it wrong. How do I determine the north and south pole in an electromagnet? Do electromagnets have a constant N or S pole? I am making a locking device where a neo magnet will hold a lid down tightly by sticking...
  20. S

    Wire does a loop of wire create a norh pole and a south pole

    Hello everyone, I just read that in a loop of wire if the current is anticlockwise that part is a north pole. I'm just wandering what do they mean by this. I thought only magnets have north poles. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks :smile:
  21. D

    Magnet Strength: North vs South Pole

    with an odd shaped magnet eg a cone .. apex = N / base = S is the strength of the magnet the same at each pole ?