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Google earth image of the South pole?

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    Hi , I wonder why the image of the south pole in google earth is blurred ?
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    Secret penguin Area 51.
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    What is Secret penguin Area 51????
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    We don't know yet. But it is reportedly a secret base of the penguin army. It's a place where they test new technology and communicate with penguins from another planet!!
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    You've said too much already. Prepare for total annihilation.
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    I would post a demotivator about your penguin army but it is rude and NSFW, suffice to say Bear Cavalry etc.

    This one's ok though:

    As is this:


    Internet memes are fun. :smile:

    The South Pole is blured because were you to see it in it's glory the secret Illuminati headquarters would be revealed and then you would all have to be killed by their Reptillion overlords.
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    D H

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    Many reasons. Just a few:

    - The satellites used to generate the Google Earth imagery are sun synchronous satellites. They never pass over the poles. Spot is in a 98.7 degree orbit, Landsat, 98.2. Any imagery of the poles from those satellites is going to be of low resolution and distorted. You can see this loss of resolution start to kick in at around 80 degrees north and south.

    - The algorithm Google uses has some obvious problems at the poles, the south pole in particular. I suspect a mathematical singularity in their internal representation schemes at the poles.

    - Google tries to mask out clouds by stitching together multiple images. Clouds are white. So is ice. Google has a hard time with ice sheets because its cloud filtering algorithms masks out the data.
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    Lies commonly spread by the Illuminati.
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    While it's certainly heresy. While googling this I found several people claiming to have seen the buildings "months before" and now it's blurred out. It's a conspiracy!!
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    one of the Stargates of the Ancients is located there
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    Maybe Penguino was down there in area 51, going au naturale. To make it PG, they had to blur it.
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