What is Thermofluids: Definition and 23 Discussions

Thermofluids is a branch of science and engineering encompassing four intersecting fields:

Heat transfer
Fluid mechanics
CombustionThe term is a combination of "thermo", referring to heat, and "fluids", which refers to liquids, gases and vapors. Temperature, pressure, equations of state, and transport laws all play an important role in thermofluid problems. Phase transition and chemical reactions may also be important in a thermofluid context. The subject is sometimes also referred to as "thermal fluids".

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  1. Gaby

    Thermofluids -- A fireboat carries out a turning manoeuvre

    I would be greatful for any hints and guidance on how to approach these question, thanks.
  2. M

    Engineering What Equations to use for this Thermofluids Problem?

    Hi guys, I have been searching the internet trying to find the right equations to use for this homework but i cannot find them :(. I was wondering if someone could point me in the right direction and let me know which equations i need to use to work out my homework. Any help would be...
  3. E

    Understanding Drag Forces and Coefficients: Thermofluids Lab Help

    << Mentor Note: Thread moved from the technical forums, so no Template is used >> hey guys As the title suggests i need a little help with my results from my thermofluids lab, i am trying to come to a conclusion about two of my graphs which are attached. The lab is looking at measuring the...
  4. Franz Rojas Ayala

    Heat energy input from a hot source in a heat engine

    Greetings! I did the famous "Mass Lifter Heat Engine" experiment in which a mass is put at the top of a piston enclosed within a cylinder. The cylinder is connected to an aluminium canister of air and the air inside this canister expands and contracts the piston with thermal contact. We had 2...
  5. Useful nucleus

    Teaching Thermofluids to electronics engineering students

    This semester I'm teaching a thermofluids course to students with a major in electronics engineering. The subject covers thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, and heat transfer. The motivation is to help the students to solve thermofluid problems that arise in their field. For example, the design of...
  6. ryanuser

    Fluids Lab Report Homework: Venturi & Orifice Coefficients

    Homework Statement I have to write a report based on an experiment I conducted with the class in the school lab. The experiment was about orifice plate meter and venturi meter (both to measure rate of flow of fluids; this is an introductory fluids mechanics module I am studying). The...
  7. soursweetx3

    Quality of Water and Vapour at P=200kPa: 10.7%

    A vertical circular cylinder holds 1 cm of liquid water and 100 cm of vapour. If P = 200 kPa, the quality is nearest to _____. 1)1.02% 2) 10.7% 3) 40.6% 4) 80.3% Answer is 2). Why? i can't seems to work out the answer. From Steam table, at P=200kPa, (Specfic volume) vf= 0.001061, vg= 0.88578
  8. M

    Thermofluids Air Conditioning Unit TS diagram

    Homework Statement To plot a TS diagram given the relevant data here http://imgur.com/Q9RNL8P for an air conditioning unit. Homework Equations R134a is being used in an air conditioning unit, steam tables for -5hf 0hf and -5sf 0sf written below in exrapolation. The Attempt at a Solution I've...
  9. C

    Thermofluids question, saturated water, piston-cylinder.

    Homework Statement [/B] Hi, not sure if I posted this in the correct section... I have a solution, but am unsure if I am correct in going about it. The answer is not given, so I am having trouble figuring if I'm right or not. Anyway, the question goes like this. Saturated water mixture...
  10. S

    Calculate Mass Flow rate of cooling water through condenser?

    I have a condenser with a mass flow rate of 60kg/s, an initial point 1: P=50kPa, Quality = 95% and a final point 2: P = 50kPa that is saturated liquid. cooling water flows through the condenser with a mass flow rate of m(dot) and has a delta temperature of 15 degrees Celsius. how do i...
  11. mattyboson12

    Understanding Thermal Resistance in Heat Transfer: An Analysis and Explanation

    Homework Statement [/B] Explain how the concept of thermal resistance can be used in the analysis of heat transfer problems 2. The attempt at a solution So I'm made a few key points but I am not sure if I have answered the question fully: Thermal resistance is a heat property and a...
  12. M

    Thermofluids (Determine surface temperature)

    Homework Statement Air flows at a mass flow rate(m) of 0.05kg/s in a thin pipe with a diameter of 0.15m. The air enters the pipe at (Ti)103 deg celc and cools to(To) 77 deg celc after traveling 5 m in the pipe. The heat transfer coefficient between the duct outer surface and the ambient...
  13. B

    Thermofluids problem (Viscous Flow)

    Homework Statement A sphere is moving in water at a depth where the absolute pressure is 124kPa. The maximum velocity on a sphere occurs from the forward stagnation point and is 1.5 times the free stream velocity. Calculate the speed of the sphere at which cavitation will occur. Can anyone...
  14. B

    Thermofluids, Viscous Flow Problem

    Homework Statement Q.2 One type of bearing that can be used to support very large structures is shown below. Here fluid under pressure is forced from the bearing midpoint (A) to the exterior zone B. thus a pressure distribution occurs as shown. For this bearing which is 30cm wide, what...
  15. T

    Thermofluids, bernoullis equation head loss

    Hi, I just have a few questions on bernoullis equation dealing with power and head loss If the equation for power is p = mass flow rate * g * Hloss, Then is g only used when let's say a pipe is at an elevation ?, because in my book I have an example where g is not used to calculate the power...
  16. M

    Aerospace Students: How close is thermofluids to aero?

    I wish I could go to a university with aerospace/astronautical engineering. At my uni, we only have mech electrical chem etc. The closest thing to aero is limited entry "thermofluids" option you can take in 3rd year mechanical engineering. I plan to get a masters in astronautical...
  17. N

    Thermofluids: Air Flow Measurement (Pitot & Venturi)

    Homework Statement I did an experiment to measure air flow using a pitot static tube and a venturi meter. First attempt: I connected both long and short manometers to the pitot static tube. Then I switch on the fan. The difference in manometer reading is 0.59kPa, which is the pressure. Then I...
  18. T

    Thermofluids -Finding the temperature of Combustion

    Question: 1 kmol of gaseous methane (CH 4) is mixed with the correct amount of air in a closed vessel. The pressure and temperature of the mixture are 1 bar and 298 K respectively. The mixture is ignited. Estimate the adiabatic temperature of combustion. Answer: ~2743 K OK, so first I...
  19. J

    Thermofluids: Change in energy

    1. The problem at hand: A gas is contained in a closed rigid tank. An electric resistor in the tank transfers energy to the gas at a constant rate of 1000W. Heat transfer between the gas and the surroundings occurs at a rate of Q(dot) = -50t, where Q (dot) is in watts, and t is in time, minutes...
  20. M

    Understanding the Transition from Laminar to Turbulent Flow: Forces and Factors

    Thermofluids question HELP asap! Homework Statement I would like to know what forces acting and a transition from laminar to turbulent flow is faced. Also what factors affecting the transition? The Attempt at a Solution In my opinion the possible forces which acting on a pipe wall is...
  21. P

    Thermofluids U tube manometer wind tunnel question

    1. Homework Statement Air at 20 degrees celsius and 100kpa is drawn into a wind tunnel. If the deflection h of a water manometer that is connected to a hole in the wall of the test section to measure the gauge pressure in the flow is 98mm. Calculate air speed in test section in m/s ignore...
  22. P

    Thermofluids Question wind tunnel u tube manometer

    Homework Statement Air at 20 degrees celsius and 100kpa is drawn into a wind tunnel. If the deflection h of a water manometer that is connected to a hole in the wall of the test section to measure the gauge pressure in the flow is 98mm. Calculate air speed in test section in m/s ignore fluid...
  23. Q

    Calculating Heat Transfer in a Cold Room: A Practical Thermofluids Problem

    I posted this somewehre else, but perhaps this is a better location: Hey guys I'm trying to prepare for an exam, and I've come across a question I have no idea how to do. I can draw the diagram and all but I'm at loss as to how i'd go about solving this. The lecturers do not give us...