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  1. A. Neumaier

    I Redefining the unit of mass

    Can you give details?
  2. AdrianMachin

    Multiplying epsilon naught by a length quantity

    Homework Statement Note that this formula (##C=4 \pi \epsilon_0 R##) and the others we have derived for capacitance involve the constant multiplied by a quantity that has the dimensions of a length. Homework Equations ##\epsilon_0## has the following units in SI: $$\frac {C^2} {N \cdot m^2}$$...
  3. nomadreid

    I Cgs or SI in quantum field theory?

    I have an acquaintance who maintains that in quantum field theory, primarily the cgs system is used. OK, I know it's not really important, but I was under the impression that everyone had switched to SI. (My book on quantum field theory has very few actual quantities with units outside of GeV...
  4. Nader AbdlGhani

    I Why Planck's Constant Has Dimensions and a Unit?

    Despite being a constant, It has both dimensions and a unit, can someone kindly explain why ?
  5. Si1entShad0w

    B Understanding the Equations and Units

    I have been struggling through my physics class this summer (it doesn't help that 5 months worth of material is crammed into 2 months in an online classroom). This site has helped me out a lot, but I am still stumbling through understanding when to use certain equations. When I started reading...
  6. N

    Dimensional analysis

    this question is about dimensional analysis involving a number with units and a number with no units, if the question is already answered in another post please redirect me if not here is a simple example, for example, : say i have 2[in]-1. the 1 is dimensionless and the 2 has units of [in]...
  7. D

    Calculating something wrong with Poiseuille's Law

    Homework Statement At resting, can you breath sufficient air through a tube of 100 cm length and 2 cm radius? normal resting respiration rate: 10 - 20 breaths per minute (3 - 6 seconds per breath) normal resting respiration volume: 0.5 L normal pressure difference in respiration = 1 mmHg =...
  8. D

    A strange inconsistency when calculating area with decimals

    I have a question about a seemingly illogical and strange aspect of multiplication and unit conversion that I have never noticed until now. It concerns the issue of finding the area of a square/rectangle when the length and width are expressed as decimals/fractions. Ordinarily, when you find...
  9. Yohanes Nuwara

    Can you explain this 'Theory of Everything' formula?

    I recently come across with an amazing equation of Theory of Everything; I wonder if TOE has been formulated (???) I found this equation on a website, check it out While seeing briefly this...
  10. C

    Angular momentum Units . a very basic question

    I have a very basic questions about units for angular momentum. The measure is in kg m^2/s Angular velocity is in radians/s and therefore radians do not appear in the units. Here is my question, can we leave this in degees/s? Sure its not used but is it wrong? If we are dealing with...