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12 volt generation of a sustained arc

  1. Sep 7, 2010 #1
    I need help finding a device that can generate a sustained arc while utilizing only a 12 volt power source. Does anyone have any ideas? Arc should be able to jump a 1 and a half inch gap.
    Also what materials should I use for the electrodes that would not degrade over time?
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    Ranger Mike

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    it takes 25000 volts to jump and air gap of 0.025 inch...with 12 volts...good luck with that 1.5 inch gap
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    how is that posible when a 60,000 volt stun gun can create an arc of 1 inch with a 9volt battery?
    thanks for your input
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    I was going to suggest just that. Will it work for you? What in the world is your application?
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    application is ozone generater but I need an array of probably 8 arcs for the amount of ozone needed
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    also its an automotive application
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    it seems you are correct as I checked into tyhe stun guns and the ones capable of creating an arc that I am looking for requires 4.5 million volts. at 60.00 a piece I think they will work nicely
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    any air gap spark discharge can disrupt local communications based upon the frequency
    be careful that the FCC does not get mad at you
    those guys in black suburbans have very little sense of humor,
    (trust me on this one)

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    will keep that in mind
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    just purchased 5 4.5 million volt stun guns for 35.00 each I'll use an ozone detector to see if I'm in the ballpark
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    I don't believe you need an arc to generate ozone, just an intense electric field. Passing air through an air dielectric capacitor charged to a high voltage should do the trick without creating an arc.
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    the arc also creates other compounds that are desireable for my application
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    Good info! Especially this:

    So Chuck, how much experience do you have in working with hazardous materials?
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    wow!!! thanks for the info but it is an effect I was counting on I will do further research before proceeding. combustion is part of the experiment and I will take extra precautions with ventilation. You are a wealth of information and I appreciate and take it under advisement.
  17. Sep 8, 2010 #16
    additionally, ozone degrades any rubber, and speeds up the dry rot process
    so...metal lines would be safer if pumping this
    not sure about plastic

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    thanks for the info I am taking all advice into consideration you guys are saving me alot of time and money experimenting
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    Out of curiousity, what is your reason for producing ozone?

    It sounds (from reading your posts) as if you are trying to produce ozone to use as a combustible fuel to drive an engine of a vehicle. Some sort of variation on an electric powered car perhaps?
  20. Sep 11, 2010 #19
    my use is proprietary I would rather not discuss it. but it is a suppliment not direct fuel.
    only and aid to combustion of a less combustable material. The amounts of ozone I will be producing are small and I promise I will not be blowing anything up.
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    Fair enough. Thread closed.
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