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150th Anniversary of the Origin of Species

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    As some of you may be aware, the 150th anniversary of Charles Darwin’s Origin of Species is later this month, the 24th to be precise. In one week from today, a special abridged edition of the book, with a 50 page introduction written by Ray Comfort will be given away at top universities around the country.

    The goal of the introduction is to provide the alternatives to evolution justified scientifically by presenting both sides of the argument. This introduction wants to provide the ‘opposing, and correct view’ of Intelligent Design by presenting a clear gospel message while attacking Darwin’s character.

    They say that the original version of the text is unaltered, and that Ray Comfort’s name will be on the cover to indicate that he is the author is the edition, but his name isn’t there, and the book is considerably shorter than the other 150th anniversary editions (granted the dimensions of this book on amazon.com are slightly bigger, but the other 150th edition is almost twice as long).

    Does anyone know if the book has been altered? Thoughts?



    No mention of Ray Comfort and very mixed reviews, as you might expect.
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    I don't know if it has been altered, however there were 6-7 editions of Origin of The Species with extra material added so the page numbering doesn't necessarily add-up.
    ps. the original is completely unreadable anyway.
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    Too bad you can't wear any of that without upsetting a bunch of people. But it seems like those shirts are meant to incite a discussion/argument.
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    No they are meant to ridicule idiots - much more satisfying
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