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1D wave equation open boundary

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    I am trying to write a solver for a 1D wave equation in MATLAB, and I have run into interesting problem that I just can't find a way out of.

    I start with the wave equation, and then discretize it, to arrive at the following,

    U{n+1}(j)=a*(U{n}(j+1)-2*U{n}(j)+U{n}(j-1))+2*U{n}(j)-U{n-1}(j) (for (j=1...end-1))

    I'm trying to simulate an open end string (perturbate it in the middle for example, and I want the wave to dissapear on the border)

    Usually it is done (correct me if I'm wrong) with applying zero gradient boundary condition, which in my case is:
    and leads to:

    Unfortunately this condition creates a partial reflection from the end which is supposed to be free.

    Please help

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    Ben Niehoff

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    Well, there ARE partial reflections from a free end, I think...the energy cannot transfer into the surrounding air with perfect efficiency.

    But to eliminate as much reflection as possible, you should look up "absorbing boundary conditions". These are a bit tricky to implement and it may take a fair bit of reading to get them right.
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    Thank you, it is what I was looking for. You hae put me on the right track.
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