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1GB of mathematics Ebooks

  1. Aug 15, 2004 #1
    I recently found a download of many mathematics ebooks/scans which cover various topics such as real and complex algebra, calculus, complex analysis, geometry, number theory, trigonometry, topology and many many more.

    There are various books of various different levels of difficulty. I think this would help a lot of students and even allow some, such as myself to 'teach themselves' a lot of things, such as when preparing to go to university.

    As the site at hand has other, more ethically questionable content, I have downloaded the torrents and attached them to this topic as zip files.
    To begin downloading, simply download the attachment, unzip the file, ensure your bittorent client is running and double click the .torrent file.
    For a bittorent client i recommend:

    Hope you find this of some interest. The torrent files which you need to inform the client of how to begin the downloading process are attached.

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    Are these eBooks copyrighted?

    - Warren
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    Interesting, but unfortunately my connection is too slow to use bittorrent. What a shame...
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    A friend of mine showed me the links to those awhile ago (they're from lokitorrents) but the only book he chose to give me was the linear algebra book. The filename reads: Linear Algebra Prentice Hall-1972 so you tell me if they're copyrighted :uhh:
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    Well, copyrights expire after 50 years, IIRC, so these books are most likely still copyrighted. If so, this thread is a violation of physicsforums.com policy.

    - Warren
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    There are very very few copyrighted books in the pack. The majority are ebooks, not scans. They aren't massively commercial. A lot of them were written for university/postgraduate courses it seems.
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