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2-dimensional valley degeneracy

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    I was about to do a simulation on www.nanohub.org on a MOSFET when the simulation program asked me for the valley degeneracy of the 2DEG.
    I've tried to look this up but i can't find it anywhere.
    Does somebody know a website where I can find the valley degeneracy for a 2DEG for Si, GaAs, InAs and Ge?

    Thankful for answers.
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    The theoretical valley degeneracies for GaAs(100?) and Si(111) are respectively 3 (not 100% certain about this) and 6. The typical valley degeneracy measured in experiments, however, is lower due to inhomogeneous strain fields that lift some of the degeneracy. For, Si(111), the most commonly measured value is 2 and for GaAs, I think it is 1.

    There's a PRL by Dan Tsui on the first measurement of the 6-fold degeneracy in Si(111). This paper, and its references should get you most of the information you need.
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    Thank you for the help! I will have a look at the PRL by Dan Tsui.
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