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2 infinite plates, heat transfer question

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    how would you find the gap size between 2 infinite plates given that the fluid is water and the plates are silicon? the temp of water is 20 C and im assuming that the heat transfer coefficient is 390 W/m^2K. i remember doing this stuff in heat transfer with temperature profiles and stuff but cannot remember how to do it and it is annoying. please help
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    In a problem like this you typically set up what are called thermal resistances. For example, the thermal resistance of convection IIRC is
    Conduction has a slightly different formulation. At that point, you write heat balance equations. The heat flow across any control volume is equal, so the heat across one of the plate equals the heat across the entire system.

    This probably isn't the best explanation, but if you do a Google, I'm sure you'll find some example problems.
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