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2 questions I wish I had gone to school for this

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    if anyone wishes to answer my questions would it be too much to ask you to e-mail me the answer.
    Because I get notices that people have answered other questions, For the life of me I don't know where
    the answers are going to.... all I see is the alert that Mr. or Mrs. Peoples answered my question.
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    before I forget Thank You

    If you attach a charged capacitor to a permanent magnet does it change it to an electromagnet?

    My second question

    ferromagnetic backing plate for a permanent magnet how do you make one or buy one?
    Can I make out of cast iron? If so can it be flat or does it need to be in the form of a cup and press in the magnet?
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    Hi there
    welcome to PF :smile:

    no it doesn't and of the magnet is as usual, bare metal, then it will just short out the capacitor with a spark

    I tried googling " ferromagnetic backing plate for a permanent magnet " got some oddball results

    would you like to explain what you are doing clearer ?
    maybe some one else knows what you are referring to ?

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    The best person best to explain what he has in mind is Diamond Dave. :wink:

    Over to you, Diamond Dave .....
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    But, for the short period of time while the capacitor is discharging, you get a current through the magnet, and you have some combined effect. The current will tend to realign the ferromagnet, so the ferromagnet enhances the power of the electromagnet. I think the ferromagnet behaves like an inductor.
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