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2 year old chain smoker

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    I thought quitting smoking was a concern only in the developed parts of the world..
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    lol wow the way that kid handles the cigarette... weird... he must be some sort of fat midget that looks like a child or something.

    EDIT: It's in the news also!!!


    Even TIME got on the story already hahahaa:
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    It's simply sick to allow and promote a child to smoke. And this is a 2-year old!
    I have no other words but rather feelings of utter disgust for the parents.
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    How does a 2 year old get started smoking? Does he just reach for his parent's cigarettes and lights one up? or did he got any assistance, or was he forced to smoke by someone older?
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    Yeah. Either/or.
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    His father gave him one when he was 18 months old. His father supports his habit.
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    Reasons why I im glad my father didn't bring me up...
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