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2010 Rudolf Ortvay Competition in Physics Prize Winner

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    Did anyone won a prize in the 2010 Rudolf Ortvay Competition? If you did, did you get any diploma/certificate for it?
    I got an email from one of the organizer (Gyula David) around 5 months ago, he said that they will send me an official diploma. But till now I haven't get one yet.
    Does anybody know a contact person for this stuff other than Gyula David ?
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    https://ortvay.secureweb.elte.hu/2010/ORTVAY_2010_results.pdf [Broken]

    https://ortvay.secureweb.elte.hu/main.html [Broken]
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    @Astronuc: I already know the results and I won a prize. I mean there should be a certificate that indicates that I really won something, I need it for university application. Thanks anyway
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