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3d hologram in vacuum help ?

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    3d hologram in vacuum ... help plz ?

    hi everyone

    I am a software engineer and i want to make a project based on laser or light and don't know a lot in laser (almost nothing), so i will discuss the project i want to do and i will ask some questions about it please?

    I want to make 3d hologram in air by generating the 3d object in computer and it is very easy then convert it to signals and transfer it to a 3d device that show my object on air.

    Some one told me to view laser or light it needs medium to view it ( he means i cant view it in vacuum) but another one told me that i can view the laser in vacuum by intersecting 2 laser beams so that the intensity increases at the intersected point then it will be visible to the eye.

    i want to ask some questions

    1- Is the intersected point of 2 laser beams visible to our eyes?
    2- If 1 is true . is there anyone did it before and is there any restrictions to do it (assume i don't know anything about physics laser when answer this question).
    3- Is there any other way to view 3d holograms in vacuum ?
    4- Is it possible for me (as a software engineer) to do it in 2 months in case it is a possible project idea.

    I really need your help because i want to decide quickly to make this project or not because i have deadlines.

    Thanks in advance
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    Andrew Mason

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    Re: 3d hologram in vacuum ... help plz ?

    No. Two light beams will simply pass through each other.
    To view a hologram you need to pass light through a film that contains a diffraction pattern. The viewer has to view the light that passes through the film.

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    Re: 3d hologram in vacuum ... help plz ?

    Try doing a web search for 3d micro mirror array imaging. I think this is as close as you can get to a virtual 3d image directly to a viewer's eyes.
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