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3D Z-Transform Matlab

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    Does anyone know how I might go about graphing the Z-Transform in 3D? It want it to look something like the picture below.

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    Are you interested in knowing how to plot in 3D, or how to calculate the z transform? Do you have access to Symbolic Math Toolbox? If so, there are some helpful functions in it for doing z transforms. I don't think core MATLAB has a function for it but there is probably something on the file exchange. This may also be relevant:


    Otherwise, the plot you're looking at probably came from using meshgrid() and surf(), then overlaying the unit circle values with a call to plot3().
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    More so plotting in 3d, I've never used meshgrid or surf before. I do have access to the Symbolic Toolbox. Would I have to use BOTH meshgrid() and surf()?

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    I have found this code from another site:

    xmin = -2; xstep = 0.1; xmax = 2;
    ymin = -2; ystep = 0.1; ymax = 2;
    x = xmin : xstep : xmax;
    y = ymin : ystep : ymax;
    [X,Y] = meshgrid(x,y);

    Z = 10*log10(abs(test(X + j*Y))); % here is the call to the function to be plotted.
    Z2 = abs(X + j*Y) <=1; % Here is the mask the zeros things outside the unit circle

    hold off
    surf(X, Y, Z) % Draw and label the surface


    [xn, yn, zn] = freqMove(0, ww);
    hold on
    plot3(xn, yn, zn)

    It generates the following error:

    Undefined function 'test' for input arguments of type 'double'.

    Error in hmm (line 7)
    Z = 10*log10(abs(test(X + j*Y))); % here is the call to the function to be plotted.

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