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6th form

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    I know this may be a dumb question, but what are the best options to take at a 6th form to go into engineering at Degree level

    Maths and Physics are obvious ones, but any others??



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    I'm not excatly sure how the new A-level sytem works so it but maths and physics definitley, also if you have the option do a mechanics AS level (which may be done as part of a further maths A level). Apart from that your probably quite free to choose.

    Though I would also advice you to go to the UCAS site and have a look at the different enginerring dgrees and which subjects the y require for entry:

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    thanks, it's just that i'm filling my application form in, and i have chosen maths with mechanics, and physics, as well as chemistry, and Government and Politics, i have done engineering at GCSE level, so i already know some basics
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    Maths and physics are, as you say, by far the most valuable choices. Consider chemistry (especially useful for any materials or thermodynamics modules you might take), and perhaps design & technology if your 6th form allows it, although this is a very time consuming A level. Finally, and you might not like this, - further maths! It will be hard work now, but will save you a shedload of effort in 1st year. There's more maths in an engineering degree than anything else, - there is not a SINGLE module in my degree which doesn't make use of A level maths to some extent.

    Also, if you're in any doubt, just give the admissions tutor of some good universities a bell, they're always more than happy to talk to you guys.
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    Thanks for the help, it seems that Maths Physics and Chemistry are the main choices,
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