8.9 earthquake in Japan: tsunami warnings

  1. 8.9 earthquake in Japan: tsunami warnings
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  3. Greg Bernhardt

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    wow! and I am headed there next week :(
  4. Greg Bernhardt

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  5. Sorry you have to go there next week Greg.
    Good Luck.
    And to all people and PFers in the path of tsunamis on the way to other countries right now.
  6. Greg Bernhardt

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    a report that a 10m wave hit sendai kyoto airport!!!!
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  8. wow, cars washing up like driftwood. that makes katrina look pretty small.
  9. Greg Bernhardt

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    8 confirmed dead so far
  10. Greg Bernhardt

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    certainly, it's very early. that video is crazy! you can see a couple cars racing away from the wave!
  11. does it have anyhting to do iwth the moon's closest approach ?
  12. Thank God Japan is prepared for events like this.
  13. Shocking video, a lot of damage. I hope the aftershocks lesson. So grateful for Facebook, my nephew at Atsugi base is ok.
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  14. Borg

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  17. DevilsAvocado

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    Scary, the worst earthquake in Japanese history, 10 meter tsunami, 40+ killed.

  18. rhody

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    Wow, I woke up to this this morning, MSNBC seems to have the most pictures (at the moment) I attached this thumbnail of a 4 story building in the hook of a wave about to be swept... Those poor people...

    Rhody... :bugeye:
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  19. turbo

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    Terrible news. My nephew got transferred to Hawaii when he was commissioned as a warrant officer. I'm not worried for him, since he is normally deployed and at sea, however his wife and daughter are back in Honolulu.
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