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A code found in equations for superstring theory huh?

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    I'm trying to understand what I have just learned. So some sort of browser based code or binary was discovered in equations for super-string theory. I have a few questions since I am very confused.

    If code was created by Claude Shannon in the 1940's, then how could it be in this code? Does this mean that maybe this person just discovered the existing code instead of create it? Can this be tested or is it all just theoretical?

    Finally, if these class of block linear self dual error self correcting codes exist and later string theory is found real, what does this mean for the whole picture? Could reality be some sort of virtual reality or maybe something else?

    Maybe some of these cant be answered but I'd like some insight and opinions either way.
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    From about 3min 40 in he appears to be saying that what looks like error correcting codes/patterns turn up in the equations. He's not saying it's html or Java or anything like that. I don't think he claims to know what it means yet. We don't even know string theory is right yet.
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    Hmm. This is all a bit too 'magical' for my taste. If you bear in mind that both error correcting codes and string theory are totally the product of human minds (no one has verified string theory) then it is not surprising that the two disciplines have some things in common. The fact that there is this parallel development between two such different fields of study could almost be taken as a reason to suspect that string theory is unlikely to be a correct model of our world. It seems very likely to be 'just made up' and its attractiveness is there because of its aesthetic appeal.
    It could all be a very sophisticated form of Numerology'.
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