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A good latex editor for windows?

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    I was hoping someone could recommend a nice GUI for equation editing that can output Latex... so I can copy and paste into my future posts, rather than struggling to use the inline Latex Reference thing provided (though it is still pretty cool).

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    I saw your post and looked for something simple (when one does not need Maple or Scientific Notebook) and I found this:


    I am not certain it will do math but there are extensions available for download.

    I use Linux and apparently the thing to use in Linux for this is Kile.
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    Thanks Polly.

    I already downloaded that and gave it a shot... it makes no sense to me how to work the thing.

    I just want something where it shows me a ton of symbols, I can choose one, and fill in whatever parameters it needs. When I'm done, it should export tex script (or whatever it's called).

    The "Latex Reference" thing provided here is surprisingly the only thing I've found that does something close to what I want, and I find that fact very frustrating. I know on Macs there is a built-in equation editor which is exactly like what I want (not sure if it exports tex though)
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    Mathtype, which is the pay version of Equation Editor, can output in LaTex.
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    Awesome, thanks.
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    Mathtype might be the best way to go if what you need is the actual LaTeX code; I was going to suggest TeXnicCenter which I use with the MiTeX package and its quite good.
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    You can download a free fully working evaluation 30 day copy of Mathtype from the suppliers.

    If you do this go to preferences and set the copy and paste to "Physicsforums".
    You will then be able to C&P directly into the reply box.

    My only reservation is that you cannot include a sketch into Mathtype.
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    Why is there no one mentioning the lyx? It is an open source WYSIWYM editor for writing latex compatible document. You can type in the latex code and see the equation immediately. Copying any part of equation always give you the latex code so that you can paste them here. In my opinion, it can replace the Mathtype completely if you only want a latex equation. Though it is a little bit overkill to install the whole software to write small equation.

    Some screenshots: http://www.lyx.org/Screenshots
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    I think you need http://www.inlage.com" [Broken].

    It has an http://www.inlage.com/autocompletion" [Broken] feature with more than 600 commands including images for the commands that creates a symbol. If you don't know what's the command for a symbol you can write it down in the Math Input Panel and get the LaTeX command. Code folding, syntax highlighting, pasting tables from e.g. excel or OO calc, ... everything you need...
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    would a online site do ?

    or u particularly need a software which u can use on your system?
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    It's time for a java, javascript, php app. When I'm not saving the world, I'll have to work on one. it would be a nice popup or area on the reply page.
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    INLAGE it is ...
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    Guys just use mathematica for your codes and import it into latex. Its highly simple in mathematica ... Give it a try and you will see for yourself how east it can be.
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