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The Latex Companion 1st edition

  1. Oct 7, 2011 #1


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    Can someone tell me if the 1st edition of The Latex Companion is pretty much still usable in terms of learning the details of using latex? It's 17 years old and I know this is probably something that isn't constantly changing but I'd just like to get everyones opinions.

    I tried using bibtex for my references in a paper I'm writing and woo, what a disaster that was. Lucky to get out of that with my head still on. KTHX!!!
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    I still find Lamport's 1986 manual useful for me. The changes and tweaks in Latex are annoying, but Lamport still helps with the basics.
    I don't use Bibtex, but have no trouble with the old way.
    I use \cite{anyone}and then
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    Can't you just use "A (not so) short introduction to LaTeX"?? tobi.oetiker.ch/lshort/lshort.pdf
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    I found The Latex Companion to be rather frustrating to find things in. I'm with the others: try using online resources to start with.
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    The best one I have found is "A Guide to LaTeX" by Kopka and Daly.

    There is also a lot of nice stuff on the internet, but I think it is easier to reference the book for more general things - Kopka & Daly also has a nice section on Bibtex. I think bibtex is worth learning.
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    one tiny problem with oetiker is he tends to insult people who find Tex puzzling. This makes it harder to read him enjoyably. It may help to avoid sentences containing the words "hamster" or "stupid".
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