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A good statistical mechanics book.

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    I've finished the topics about statistical mechanics in Feynman Lectures,and I'd like to study the topic in a deeper aspect. I've had a look at Berkeley Course vol 5(by Reif),I liked it,but I find it rather too introductory. I also had a look at Huang,but I think it is too advanced for me right now. What would you suggest?
    Thank you.
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    Huang is not that bad. Kittel's Thermal Physics is used a lot, I liked it only so-so.

    here a few other books are named.
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    I can recommend D.V. Schroeder, Introduction to Thermal Physics as a first decent exposure to these topics. Huang is not too bad, but more advanced for sure. Schroeder takes a few steps back.
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    Thank you Landau,there are some decent books in the link you've given. I found Kittel very useful,I'll probably use it. Xepma,Schroeder is OK but it's not that different from Reif I think. Also yes,Huang is surely not very hard but I find its style kinda vague,although more advanced,Landau&Lifgarbagez's Statistical Mechanics Part 1 is easier to understand than Huang in my opinion,as far as the first parts which I've read roughly are concerned.
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    I like Sethna's book. You could freely find it online.
    Look at http://pages.physics.cornell.edu/sethna/StatMech/
    In my opinion it is very well made and got lots of exercises, it is not for newbie though.
    Chandler also is a good manual, I think the title is "Modern statistical mechanics" or whatsoever.

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    Thanks,Sethna's books would surely be useful.
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