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A little help with Power System Stabilizers (PSS)

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    Hello everyone!
    I've been searching everywhere for useful info about this topic, but I haven't been able to find anything.

    My question is: Is it viable to tune a PSS by using time domain?
    The thing is, i don't know how you can associate the frequency range in which the PSS is needed for, with time domain. I know there is some parameters to follow like Overshoot, settling time, rise time, but it seems to me that these parameters just help you to know the effects of PSS.

    To explain my self a little better, i don't see how you can provide phase compensation by looking at a time-domain plot.

    Thanks in advance for your comments!
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    jim hardy

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    Might an old fashioned bode plot help?

    one can use a power plant as a function generator and gently drive a power system with megavars...
    obtaining amplitude and phase response

    but stay below 1 hz because you dont want to even think pf approaching SSR
    (our turbine had torsional resonance at 7 hz)

    I never saw the power system stabilizer being tuned - that was done by specialists.
    The power system guru i met was Westinghouse's "Chester Raczkowski"
    and he was above my league
    try searching for IEEE papers with him listed as author

    old jim
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