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Homework Help: A Medieval Knight attacking w/ a Cannon!

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    Anyone mind helping me strategically picking apart this word problem? I am taking physics for the first time in college and its kicking my ***, any insight on how to pick apart a problem like this and find an appropriate answer? Thank you for your time!

    Assume you are a Medieval knight attacking a castle with a cannon. The ball leaves the cannon with a speed of 43.3 m/s. The barrel's angle with respect to the ground is 45.7°, and you make a perfect hit on the tyrant's chamber which is at the same level as the cannon's muzzle. What is the time of flight of the cannon ball?
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    The 'trick' is that you can consider the horizontal and vertical motion separately.
    So just consider the ball being thrown up and coming down - what acceleration do you expect, what equations do you know for a moving object.
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