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News A poor US worker is beheaded, and all the press covers are gay's weddings?

  1. May 24, 2004 #1
    A poor US worker is beheaded, and all the press covers are gay's weddings???!!

    :cry: :cry: :cry: It really angers ! The poor fellow was an innocent worker; openminded, not putting down the culture or anything. He was a Jew, and going over their to help rebuild the country. They brutally behead him, in the most twisted fashion. He did absolutly nothing wrong to desirve this!
    The mainstream presses (a.k.a Sacramento Bee...Boston Chronical...etc) hardely cover this. Instead, there is a huge story about gay's weddings (which I am not even going to talk about), and a little corner about this whole, horrible incedent!
    I've been itching to get this out! I'm not exactly a supporter of Gay weddings (civil unions, yes), and good for them that they are happy, but for ****** sakes! A poor, innocent contracter was beheaded! Now the Iroqe prison scandal (yes, pretty bad, but they all are alive and well) was draged on and on, but this barely even gets a mention! Good Lo*d! The bigstream press has become so byest! Why, they hardely even(if even) covered the seron gas find! What would they call that? Not a weapon of mass destruction??? Grrrr!!! It really angers me! Our brave troops are over there doing their best to bring democracy and civil rest to Iraq, and the mainstream press is just........
    Well...my point is that I'm VERY displeased with the mainstream press coverage! Have more than once source of imfo! Please!
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    I'm just trying to figure out what you're doing in CA CA, is that deep CA CA or just a li'l CA CA?
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    He's an American. That alone is justification for them to kill him.
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    That's the problem: they aren't. US military forces and civilian contractors running prisons in Afghanistan, Cuba, and Iraq are being investigated for the deaths of more than 25 people under their custody, and the beatings and rapes of others.

    But yes, you are right. The murder of an innocent civilian seems a tad more important than whether Rupert and Steve can get a married couple tax break.
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    Then again, this entire incident shows the vacuity present in American media. They honored Berg for a while then moved to new material to further their profits. Specifically content that seems controversial, yellow journalism and the like. Follow the money trail...
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    It's the same here, of course. The press act all sincere and sad about a death or two, then smile and present a story about tax breaks and puppies.
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