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A question about forces on a mass

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    The problem gives me a mass at the top of an inclined track. the track is not linear but curved and the bottom of the track is also curved such that mass m will leave the track in a "jump" My question lies, though, in that I want to know the force of the track on mass m when the mass is at the lowest point of the track (so the mass is essentially on a horizontal surface). In other words, the mass has been accelerating down the track and I want to know if this previous acceleration will effect the normal force. Is the normal force the same as if the mass had just been placed at the bottom of the track or is it different because the mass has been sliding down from height h?
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    The normal reaction force will be affected by the slope (which, as you say, is zero in this case), and by the curvature of the track, which causes a centripetal acceleration that has to be "added" to g. :smile:
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    thank you!
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