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A question about strain in graphene

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    Dear forum people
    The new position of the carbon atoms under uniaxial strain r in the framework of elastic theory is shown by the following equation:
    in which ri and ri' are the position of the carbon atoms before and after the strain is applied, respectively.
    I is the unit matrix and ε is the strain tensor which is attached.
    I can't calculate ri' .
    For example:

    δ1=a(√3/2,-1/2) δ2=a(0,1) δ3=a(-√3/2,-1/2)

    Can help me?
    How calculate |δ1|,|δ2|,|δ3|?

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    Are you uncertain of how to do a matrix addition and then a matrix x vector?
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    I don't know how obtained |δ1|,|δ2|,|δ3|.
    δ1=( √3/2*a(1-ε11)-a/2*ε12 ; √3/2a*ε21-a/2*(1-ε22))
    According to δ1, |δ1| not equal with |δ1| above maintained.
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