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A question about two-step wireless securities

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    Hi. I enter the school wireless with my school number as first step then my mail-password related to school's mail as the two step. I do this with Windows operating system by a simple configuration but I cannot do that configuration by Windows Phone O.S. The network officiers says there is no configuration for Windows Phone O.S now but there are for Iphone operating system and Android. So handyphones with other two operating systems can enter the wireless but not Windows Phone. I also know one of my friend entered wireless with Symbian O.S of an old Nokia by the help of a program. I would like to collect information about this situation and this wireless system but I do not know anything related. Would you like to help me learn.

    Thank you.
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    Sorry, what are you exactly asking for?
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    It's some kind of two factor authentication. He's not able to do one of them with the Windows Phone.

    It's highly unlikely but it's possible that your version of the Windows Phone doesn't support the type of 2 factor auth the school is using. I would suggest contacting the technical support (IT team) at your school and asking them. This is probably the best avenue for you.
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    Thank you Routaran. I spoke to some of IT members but they said there is no way. I have learned that there is program called Uniwifi, but it is for android devices. If I can find its equivalent versions for Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 8.1 with Bing (for tablets) I can succeed it.
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