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A question of "Time" and pre-determination and has everything already happened?

  1. Nov 20, 2014 #1
    Hey guys, iv been reading and watching a few lectures on time, and iv come across a lot of physicist's talking about there been no "Arrow of time" and how life is like a DvD where as your not actually travelling through time everything has already happened (I hope this makes sense) But what i don't understand about this theory is, if this is true then does this mean iv already made all the decisions in my mind like for example what movie am i going to put on right now and is the "Choosing" of the movie just an illusion as everything has already been pre-determined,i hope you understand what i mean Cheers :eek:)

    It just seems strange to me that i cant actually decide to do something because the decision has already been made
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    Whether the future is determined but unknown or undetermined and unknown is a matter of philosophy, not physics.
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    The theory which you have mentioned about seems fascinating although I am not aware of it. So probably it is something that I can explore further. However about the decisions there is yet another fact that comes into picture is about conscious and sub-conscious mind.
    Moreover this theory leans much towards the philosophical nature (as mentioned by @jbriggs444) where destiny and all sorts of this come into play.
    I have read few texts about the time and stuff, but what I am really unable to understand is the 'Definition of time'. To me lt seems like more of a abstract concept.
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    The idea that everything is preordained is called "superdeterminism" and it's totally against reality if for no other reason than quantum fluctuations. The way around that is the "multiverse" theory (to which I subscribe) wherein every single thing that could possibly happen does, but each option branches off into multiple timelines in one of which each is true.
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    Agreed. Thread closed.
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    There's been some questions about why this thread was closed. The answer is that discussions primarily of a philosophical nature are generally not allowed here at PF. This forum's primary goal is to teach people about current, mainstream physics. The questions posed here should have clear answers that make logical sense. Philosophical discussions don't meet this criteria. There's usually no answer for them, only an endless discussion that doesn't work well for what we want PF to be.
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