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A question on Electromotive Force

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    May i know if electromotive force (emf) moves from the positive terminal to the negative terminal or a battery through a circuit or is it from the negative terminal to positive terminal?
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    hi Lim
    welcome to PF :smile:

    The EMF doesn't move anywhere

    here is a respectable definition from
    Definition of Electromotive Force | Chegg.com

    several years ago on these forums, NascentOxygen made another important observation ....

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    Thank you. It has cleared up a misconception that i had but it has also led me to another question - does the charge that is pushed by electromotive force move from positive to negative terminal or the other way round?
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    If the charge is carried by electrons, which are negatively charged, they move from the negative terminal to the positive one.

    However, for historical reasons, we normally designate as the "direction of current", the direction that the charge carriers would flow if they were positively charged, i.e. from the positive terminal to the negative one.
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    oh. thank you
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