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A Simple Question about Diffusion and ion speed

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    I'm trying to get an intuitive understanding about a process involving an ion mobility that (I'm told) has D = 9.3 x 10-5 cm2/s. I'm assuming that D is a diffusion coefficient.

    I'd like to know approximately how long it takes for the ion to travel about 10 cm. Would this be something that happens in a matter of femtoseconds, minutes, hours, weeks, years.... or what? Unfortunately I don't have any more information than that, so is there some way to calculate (or just roughly guess) the ion speed based on D?

    many thanks,
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    The general approximation for diffusion time is [itex]t=L^2/D[/itex]. The exact answer depends upon the boundary conditions, but this estimate is good to within an order of magnitude. In your case: about 12 days.
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    That's great! Thanks very much for your help on this!

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