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A very dumb question (about different masses and accelerations)

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    Why do different masses released at the same time fall to the ground with the same acceleration. Isn't the universal law of gravitation F=G*M(e)*m/r^2? i.e. if masses are unequal the force on both the objects will be different and hence acceleration will be unequal...
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    Re: A very dumb question...

    Please start by reading the FAQ subforum in the General Physics forum

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    Re: A very dumb question...

    a=F/m .....(1)
    From your post,

    Subtitute in equation (1)

    a= F/m=(G*M(e)*m/(r^2m)= G*M(e)*/r^2
    You see m is missing in final equation.
    Acceleration due to gravity does not depend on the mass.
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    Re: A very dumb question...

    Increasing the mass does indeed increase the force but increasing the mass also reduces the acceleration (f=ma so a=f/m).

    Overall the mass cancels as per the answer by azizlwl.
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