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Courses A Year Since Gen. Chem I, what to review for Gen. Chem 2?

  1. Mar 23, 2016 #1
    Hey everyone,

    I need to take Gen. Chem 2, and planned on doing it over the Summer in a 6-week condensed course with another 9-week programming class. I'm not sure if this is overboard, but I feel like it should be manageable with no jobs or interns this Summer. The reason I want to take it this Summer is because I am also doing a math minor, and it allows me to avoid taking Chem. 2 with an upper division math course, plus CS courses. If this is a bad idea, however, please talk me out of it.

    Anyways, the Gen. Chem 2 class is the second half of Summer, so I'll have some time to prepare for it. I've heard the class is fairly independent of Chem 1, but was wondering what I should spend time reviewing. I don't remember much from Chem 1. I took it last Summer, and it was fairly easy, beyond that I don't remember much.
    What should I review?
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    I think practicing to balance equations and unit conversion is always a good idea. If you covered molarity and molality, then I am remembering that these topics were a very good foundation for the second general chemistry at my institution.
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    Were you an A student in Chem 1? If not, you should consider taking it in the fall. A summer class is very condensed ie lots of material to absorb very fast. You will need to read a lot AND do lots of chemistry problems. In a summer class, you cannot afford to start slow, get off track or fall behind as there is NO TIME to catch up or recover from a bad start. A fall class offers this cushion even with a tougher course load.
    That said, if you have no other distractions and you brush up on your Chem 1 material, you should have a smooth transition and do well. If you have anything come up during your class, you must be very selective in what you do and avoid major distractions or you will find yourself re-taking the class later.
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