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Courses What other chemistry courses use the periodic table?

  1. Apr 29, 2017 #1
    So far, I have taken General Chemistry I and II, and Organic Chemistry I. Out of these classes, only General Chemistry I seems to make use of the periodic table, but it is mostly just going through the basics of the periodc table. Not so much in Gen Chem II or Orgo I. I mean they give it to you, but you don't need it that much. I will be finishing Organic II, but what other chemistry courses will make heavy use of the periodic table?
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    This is kind of like asking: after kindergarten, when else do you use the alphabet?

    The periodic table is a tool. Once you cover the basics behind it, you advance to other things. The table itself becomes "assumed knowledge."
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    Always, ALL courses
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    Ok maybe every chemistry course uses it. For my organic chemistry class, I just needed to know a few elements, electronegativity, and atomic numbers, but other than that, there was no use of the periodic table. Gen Chem II, It was the same thing. but we never looked at the periodic table. I understand that you need to know the basics of the periodic table, but what other chem courses do you use the periodic table extensively or study it more in depth? Inorganic, Physical, Biochemistry, analytical?

    Again you just needed to know a few parts of the periodic table for Gen Chem II and Organic I, but we never really went in depth with it or use it extensively.
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    If you get more involved with the chemistry of materials (often taught in a materials science and engineering dept rather than a chemistry dept), you will make extensive use of the periodic table. E.g., for semiconductor materials, you will study Group IV elemental semiconductors and Group III-V and Group II-VI compound semiconductors; for optical glasses, you will study rare earths; for high-temperature applications, you will study refractory metals; ....
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