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Abiogenesis related to Miller/Urey, in video form.

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    What are the opinions of people in this room on this video?

    Is it significant? Does it have credibility?

    Note: To skip past the responses to creationist claims go to the start of the third minute, but the music is good & it's funny to read, I advise watching it all :tongue:
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    Yeah I've seen it the general ideas are all correct this isn't to say that there are complete theories however. Abiogenesis still needs quite a bit of work done to it and it would nice for some concrete evidence from a lab to come with it but it's much more difficult done than said :tongue:.

    I agree the music makes a great video, especially the video. I don't like however the 'against creationist' stance it takes, I'd rather people just explain what's going on in the world of science then try to make others look stupid for their beliefs.
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    Regardless of the way I feel about that whole side to life, I just refer to this crazy "online war" as a battle between the "Internet Atheist Alliance" & Fundamentalists...

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    I find the fundamental atheists as tiresome as fundamentalist theists. Their unending war of words over the beginning of the universe is pointless. The whole young earth notion should not last much longer than a decade in my opinion, theism is dying out in modern nations... it's the impoverished ones that need our help. Poverty and ignorance and superstition go hand in hand in hand and prop up religious bodies which further impoverish them with god-tax.
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    There is no such thing as fundamental atheism: "If fundamentalism is primarily about the promotion of "fundamental" beliefs, it's not possible for this to be applied to atheism because atheism has no beliefs, much less "fundamental" beliefs. Atheism is the absence of belief in gods, nothing more and nothing less, so there is nothing "fundamental" for atheists to "get back to" in order to achieve a more pure or original atheism."

    Creationism / theism is not dying out in modern nations. The percentage of creationists in the United States has been steady for several decades. 44% are young earth creationists and 80% reject modern ateleological evolution. Europe and the middle east is also experiencing an increase in creationism.

    Many creationists, like William Dembski (who has a PhD in theology, mathematics and philosophy) or Michael Behe (PhD in biochemistry) are highly intelligent, so the situation is much more complex. A question you should be asking yourself is how come smart people can have irrational beliefs. One answer could be that smart people are good at rationalizing beliefs they have come to for non-smart reasons.
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    I believe s(he) was replying to a half-joke I made earlier in the thread.

    I was just talking about the video that caused me to start this whole post, (which only 1 person has actually referred to so far...).

    We're totally off the original subject but half of the video which claims to display evidence for the origin of life is skewed to just insult fundamentalists.

    That part of the video is funny but it just shows how crazy atheists are getting online trying to put fundamentalists down, taking every opportunity.
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    Reality itself is "skewed" to insult fundamentalists because it does not agree with them, so I do not see your point. Did you find any factual errors in the video?
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    No I didn't find any factual errors, in fact my main question was asking to people on this site if they found any factual errors or ANYTHING wrong with the SECOND half of the video, not the first half...

    Save the religious conversation for a different thread please, again I just voiced my opinion that I think it's cheap to take pot shots & in a video expounding upon a theory that claims to have found a possible origin for life I think getting into small minded arguments only reduces the "nobility"of the whole video.

    You see that they are targeting religion, why not nihilists or someone?

    [not asking for an answer to a self-evident question...]
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