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About filled gas inside a Geiger Muller meter

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    I have a dumb question about the filled gas inside a Geiger Muller meter. I know it is considered as a gas detector. It requires a filled and quench gas for the probe. My question is: where does the gas get injected into for like a pancake probe. (Let's use Ludlum Model: 44-9 as example). How often do you have to refill the gas in the probe. Thanks.
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    as far as I'm aware, as with any other G-M type tubes ( who-ever the manufacturer), they are factory gassed and sealed.
    there shouldn't be any leakage. If the tube is damaged and it leaks, then you are in for a replacement tube

    neither of my 2 detector tubes are regassable

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    One may have to contact the manufacturer. I suspect one would have to return the pancake detector to Ludlum.

    The 44-9 is described as a halogen quenched GM detector.

    Ref: https://www.orau.org/ptp/collection/GMs/introgms.htm

    For more general information

    During my university program, we used GM/proportional counters with P10 (0.9 Ar, 0.1 CH4) gas.
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