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About irrational number

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    wat are the answers for these in terms of rational,irrational

    (irrational number)*(any +ve integer) = ?
    (any +ve integer) - (irrational number)*(any integer) = ?

    are the answers also irrational numbers
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    But of course! Think about it. In both cases, pretend that they give rational numbers. Then isolate the irrational number. See the contradiction?
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    What is "any +ve integer"????
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    positive integer
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    Why not prove it.

    In your first example start with


    Dividing both sides by n gives:
    X=p/(q*n) which implies x is rational which is a contradiction.
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    Thanks John...so answer for first one is irrational so second should also be irrational...
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    Apply the same method and work it out.
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