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A About time to think about Time

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    Old qoute I (Rovelli) argue that the best strategy for understanding quantum gravity is to build a picture of the physical world where the notion of time plays no role. I summarize here this point of view, explaining why I think that in a fundamental description of nature we must "forget time", and how this can be done in the classical and in the quantum theory. The idea is to develop a formalism that treats dependent and independent variables on the same footing. In short, I propose to interpret mechanics as a theory of relations between variables, rather than the theory of the evolution of variables in time.
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    Some discussion on Time.
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    Do you have a point? Or does everyone have to sit through 3-1/2 hours of video?
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    ... which has what to do with the standard model?
    A good question. I'll close this thread temporary for moderation.

    Please send me another reason for this thread, than just the promotion of Rovelli's views and why you did not place it in classical physics, since your only statement is about mechanics.

    It would also be a good service to our readers, if you could specify which points in the videos you want to address. They all can use youtube on their own and don't need an extra promotion. If possible quote a scientific journal where we can read about the positions you want to talk about.
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