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Absence as Immeasurable Presence

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    The following are my personal convictions and in no way are you made or expected to believe them.

    To begin I am going to start by expressing that the uni-verse has no beginning and ending, the text immediately hereafter will explain why.

    Currently many of you and I think of absence as supposedly present existing as an eternal force outside of our "uni-verse" and the separated presence of "space" expanding into this isolated "absence", and supposedly... somehow labeled absence existing as a limited void of presence or lack of material thing/money. (the big bang, creation, origin, etc.)

    I would like to clear up what I would consider to be a fault in the current philosophy of Earth consciousness/Humans.

    Allow yourself to take this immeasurable presence that is called absence and morph it to be an eternal expanse and a sempiternally intertwined energetically interconnected existence as immeasurable... but not as a limited presence, nor as a lack of material.

    A limited space of absence can not (exist as a whole to) ever separate or confine the immeasurable presence, that which absence is.

    A limited absence is impossible. Absence is unlimited, immeasurable etc.

    Allow absence and immeasurable interconnected presence of energy (what has been referred to in the past as the uni-verse) to be synonymous with nothing.

    Now read the following carefully.

    Nothing absently exists as an/the eternal presence; nothing presently exists as an/the eternal absence, and is both absent and present as an/the immeasurable existence, that which existence (the "uni-verse") is. Nothing is an/the interconnected immeasurable presence of energy (the "uni-verse"), thus simultaneously existing as an/the eternal absence through the definition of nothing (undefined) and that is why we cycle through and comprehend forgetting and separating ourselves as mortals and worshipping immortality, and then cosmically forgive and remember and become omnimortal through the understanding of energy's sempiternally interconnected immeasurable presence, that which we are.

    No space of absence can ever exist in a limited presence to ever separate any thing from everything nor any thing from nothing or any thing from any thing else. Energy/existence is eternally interdependent and interconnected in space and time.

    I would like to close by saying that you are allowed to read at your own expense and by your own choosing. What you decide to believe and/or understand is of your will.

    Everyone is free to do, feel, and believe in exactly the way and the things that they choose to: the consequences/reactions/effects, whether viewed as good or bad or neither or both, whether aware or unaware or neither or both, are mutually and symbiotically inescapable and through our differences we are all rendered similar through our uniqueness; our similarity is that we are all entitled to our unique differences. No one way is the correct way, life is for all paths to lead their own chosen destiny. Everything/presence is relatively experienced and nothing/absence is eternally subjective.

    Enjoy your days and may you allow much bliss to enter your minds.

    Thank you for your time.
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    I believed that this is a salient issue and it's replies be mute by the silence of ignorance. Attention be attracted to this a post once again is the commendable ambition. Replies welcome, thoughts encouraged. Explication readily accessible.

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    In a nutshell - Don't worry, be happy. :tongue2: :smile:

    And don't forget your towel - just in case.
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