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Absolute Time vs Relative Time

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    What does QM have to say on the ontology of time?

    Is time absolute or relative?

    What does quantum entanglement have to say on the subject?
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    That depends utterly on which (capital 'I') Interpretation of QM you believe in. Either that will have an explanation of its own, or GR/Thermodynamics still does the speaking for it.

    EDIT: Remember that QM is the study of the 'very small' and time-like effects are already well described and confirmed experimentally by GR. See The Transactional Interpretation vs. De Broglie Bohm Pilot Wave Interpretation vs. TCI for two radically departing views on time and reality, and a third 'control'.

    Entanglement (non-locality) has implications, but doesn't concern itself with predictions about time. QM is very hermetic (in the non-mathematical sense)
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