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Absorption Coefficient of Aluminium

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    Hi. Im new here! I'm doing a experiment on the absorption of beta radiation of aluminium and I need help!! :redface: Does anyone know what the absorption coefficient of aluminium? Or at least where I can find it. Thanks in advance!! o:)

    P.S. Sorry if I've posted in the wrong part of the forum :redface:
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    I can't tell you where to find this info, but I can tell you that the absorption coefficient is a function of the energy of the electrons. So, you'd have to specify the mean energy (or energy range) to have a meaningful number.

    Google found some data:
    http://prola.aps.org/pdf/PR/v103/i6/p1900_2 [Broken]
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    The "particle data group" used to have a small pdf about properties of the materials, with this kind of information.
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    is it still there? :confused:
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