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Homework Help: Abstract Algebra - automorphism

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    I have two problems I would like to discuss.

    1.For any group G prove that the set of inner automorphisms J(G) is a normal subgroup of the set of automorphisms A(G).

    Let A be an automorphism of G. Let [tex]T_{g}[/tex] be an inner automorphism, i.e.

    The problem can be reduced to the question whether the following equality is true:

    Then expanding using [tex]xT_{g}=g^{-1}xg[/tex] we have:

    However I am having trouble proving this equality. Attempting to use the definition of normal more directly also did not work, i.e. showing that
    [tex]AT_{g}A^{-1}[/tex] is in J(G).

    2.Let G = {e, a, b, ab} where [tex]a^2=b^2=e[/tex] and ab = ba. Determine the set of automorphisms A(G).
    This problem could be handled easily using brute force but I would like some way to narrow down the possible automorphisms. My attempts to solve the problem so far have resulted in way too many calculations.
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    matt grime

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    2. Really, way to many calculations? There are only 6 possible permutations of a,b,ab to consider.

    1. If you are still strugglng with this, what inner automorphism do you think you ought to get for AT_gA^{-1}? It is T_h for some h, try taking a reasonable guess as to what h ought to be.
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