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AC vs DC Generated Magnetic Field

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    Good day to all, ia was trying to find info about thid topic in internet and i didn't find nothing , hope somebody can help me.

    How can i find the relation between the strength of a magnetic field when i apply AC current and DC current to a coil.

    in other words, how much AC current do i have to apply to a coil to have the same field strength that when i apply an x amount of DC current, in any defined point of space.

    Does anybody knows a formula for this.

    thanks in advanced for your help
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    It's the same. Current is current, AC or DC. The difference is in whether the field pulses once, or rotates. The peak strength is the same.
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    So is the same thing to apply 10 DC amps that 10 Amp rms sinosoidal signal ?
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    You can't really compare the two unless for a specific task, i.e., lifting a 100 lb weight. The 10 A dc will be constant. The 10 A ac will alternate from -14.14 A to + 14.14 A and the field will follow.
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