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Academic Superheroes?

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    I saw this article: Academic Superheroes over at Science Daily today and thought people might be interested. It talks about a study of academic job want adds and how the criteria are so specific it's nearly impossible to meet them all.

    Is this just a symptom of an oversupply of PhDs?

    From the article:
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    Oh well. Everyone has those qualities to some extent, just make sure you mention them. More interesting are harder criteria. The ideal candidate has a PhD, 5 years of job-relevant working experience in 3 different countries, speaks all those languages fluently, and is 22.
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    Feynman = Spiderman
    Pauli = Dr Strange
    Fermi = Dr Doom
    Heisenberg = The Watcher
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    Schrodinger might be another option as he "watches his cat" to see if it's alive or dead.
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