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Acoustic vs. seismic waveforms

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    Is it possible to correlate the atmospheric acoustic vs. ground seismic waveforms from a charge detonation?

    Are there any physicists on this forum that recognise the acoustic and seismic waveform signatures from a charge detonation?

    Acoustic, Seismic wave function equation:
    [tex]\psi (x,t) = A \sin (\omega t - k x)[/tex]

    Acoustic, Seismic wave equation:
    [tex]\nabla^2 \phi = \frac{1}{v^2} \frac{\partial^2 \phi}{\partial t^2}[/tex]


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    Why do you always post in blue?
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    In what way are you looking to correlate them?
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    To measure the properties of the energy source(s).

    En absentia of the raw computer data source information, the attachment is my first attempt at a classical approach at correlating the acoustic amplitudes with the seismic amplitudes properties.

    Is there a correlation?

    When a building implodes, does it collapse into its negative amplitude spike corresponding to a vacuum pressure after the previous positive energy amplitude spike resposible for the primary implosion initiation?

    In simpler terms, do buildings implode under vacuum pressure?
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    Honestly I don't think you'd be able to do it without the original source data. However, I would pass you along to someone who I have seen do work in this area. You should try to get a hold of Tom Irvine over at VibrationData.com. I have seen him do seismic analysis on manmade events like this before. He does sometime post in the Vibration section of Engineering Tips.com as well.
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    seismic chronology...

    I believe that I have found a solution to the seismic-acoustic chronological timeline.

    The attachment is my second attempt using zero-time chronology.

    EDT = UTC - 4:00:00

    One World Trade Center collapses:
    14:28:?? UTC
    10:28:35.714 A.M. EDT

    duration = 40 s - data start to data end

    duration = 31.19 s - peak 1 to peak 6a

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    Seismic Stereo...

    Why are seismic waves recorded in mono instead of stereo?
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